Steve Troxler for
NC Commissioner of Agriculture

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I'm sure you're all painfully aware in the midst of this chaotic election season, during October of an election year most candidates spend the majority of their time out on the campaign trail and raising the funds they need to make it to the finish line. Our Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler however was dealt a different hand of cards.

Between the devastating floods from Hurricane Matthew and the State Fair, Commissioner Troxler has not had the time to devote to his campaign that other candidates have had. He cancelled almost all of his campaign fundraising so he could put 100% of his time, focus and resources into the recovery efforts down east and then his responsibilities in overseeing North Carolina's State Fair.

His selfless leadership during times of crisis shows the kind of genuine character that our state and country so desperately needs. The election is almost upon us, but our friend Steve still needs and deserves our help and support. It's not too late.

This is not a normal year in a normal election cycle. The only thing we can expect is the unexpected. The only help we can expect is from ourselves. Anything can happen in the world of politics. We can't take anything for granted. and we have to prepare now.

Your financial support will be appreciated greatly, and every bit of support can make a difference in this unorthodox and unpredictable election cycle.

Together, we must ensure Steve Troxler is re-elected and wins this race, but we have to roll up our sleeves and work hard. Thank you for your help and support of such a great friend and public servant.

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